Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council

Diocesan Council exercises all of the powers of the Diocesan Convention between annual Conventions. Meetings occur monthly, September through June, on the third Thursday of the month, September through June at 6:00 p.m. at the diocesan office. Council consists of:

  • The bishop
  • 3 clergy representatives elected by Diocesan Convention
  • 6 lay representatives elected by Diocesan Convention
  • 3 persons appointed by the Bishop (including 1 youth representative)

Anyone who would like to bring a matter to Diocesan Council should contact Canon Cathy Dempesy-Sims (cdsims@episcopalwny.org).

Current Representatives

  • Mr. Wayne A. Blassingame (2021)
  • The Rev. James Clement (Bishop’s Appointment)
  • Mr. Bruce Davidson (2021)
  • The Rev. Deacon Lillian Davis-Wilson (Bishop’s Appointment)
  • Mr. Reid Heffner (2019)
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Isaac Ihiasota (2019)
  • Ms. Cheri Maytum-Krull (2020)
  • The Rev. Bonnie Morris (2020)
  • Ms. Wendy Palmer (2019)
  • The Rev. Claudia Scheda (2021)
  • Ms. Sue Stanislawski (2020)

Ex Officio

  • Bishop Sean Rowe
  • Ms. Maria Manocchio (Director of Finance)
  • Mr. Robert Matson (Treasurer)

Minutes of Council Meetings

April 2019
March 2019
February 2019
January 2019
November 2018
October 2018
September 2018
June 2018
May 2018

Minutes of Diocesan Council meetings are posted once they have been approved by the Council, on a 12 month rolling basis.  Older minutes may be obtained from the Diocesan Office.