The Bishop is Coming

The Bishop’s visit to a congregation should be a time for celebration of the ministry of the whole congregation.

Think about how the Bishop can be a part of the life of your church. He can:

  • Meet with confirmands prior to the service
  • Meet with vestry and wardens following the service
  • Teach an adult education class on any of the following topics
    • The first 50 years of the Church
    • How the Episcopal Church works
    • How the Episcopal Church came to be
    • What does a Bishop do all day?
  • Spend time with a children’s or youth Sunday School Class

The Bishop loves to hear about the history of church buildings, windows and organs, have someone share something special with him.

If you have other ideas please feel free to ask – please confirm any events with Vanessa Butler ( before you publicize any events.

Use the Bishop’s visit as an opportunity to publicize your congregation.  Write an article about the Bishop’s visit for your local newspaper and send it to them 10 days before the visit. Here is a draft of an article you can adapt.

A biography of the Bishop can be found here.

Confirmation Report Form

Bishop Rowe’s Upcoming Visitation Schedule

Please check with the Bishop’s Office, at 716-881-0660 x11 if you believe there is a discrepancy in any date listed below, as unforeseen circumstances may result in changes to this visitation schedule.

July 14, 2019 – Grace Church, Lockport

July 24, 2019 – Grace Church, Lockport

September 8, 2019 – Christ Church, Oil City

September 15, 2019 – St. Peter’s, Eggertsville

September 22, 2019 – St. Mary’s, Salamanca

September 29, 2019 – St. James’, Titusville

October 6, 2019 – St. John’s, Kane

October 20, 2019 – St. Paul’s, Stafford & St. Mark’s, LeRoy

October 20, 2019 – Regional Confirmation at 3:30 p.m. – Trinity, Hamburg

November 3, 2019 – St. John’s, Franklin

November 3, 2019 – Regional Confirmation at 3:30 p.m. – St. Mark’s, Erie

November 10, 2019 – St. Luke’s, Attica

November 17, 2019 – Ascension, Bradford

November 24, 2019 – St. John’s, Medina

December 8, 2019 – Calvary, Williamsville

December 15, 2019 – St. Paul’s, Harris Hill