Ordination Process


The Episcopal Church has four orders of ministry: Lay people, Deacons, Priests and Bishops.

Deacons, Priests and Bishops minister “under orders”.  These ministries are called ordained ministries.

Deacons bring the needs of the world to the church and connect the church to the world.

Priests lead the people of God in worship and baptize, teach and preach to help form the people of God.

Bishops guard the faith and unity of the church and oversee the ministry of the deacons and priests.

The first step, if you believe that you might be called to the ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church is to have a conversation with the priest at your congregation.

The formal discernment process begins at an Explorer’s Day where you and the priest of your congregation will join with others who are exploring God’s call in their lives for a day of theological reflection, Bible Study and conversation.

The next Explorer’s Day will be:

  • The next Explorer’s Day will be announced here when it has been scheduled.

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