Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Marriage Permission

wedding-planThe Canons of the Episcopal Church require that the Bishop of the Diocese issue a Godly Judgment and grant permission a person who has been divorced to be remarried either in an Episcopal Church building and/or by an Episcopal priest.

Bishop Franklin requires that in all cases of remarriage after divorce, that the priest or deacon who will solemnize the marriage submit the Marital Consent Application and a copy of the divorce decree or decrees.  Photocopies of the divorce decree are fine, notarized copies are not necessary.

You should submit the application no less then 5 weeks before the planned wedding.  

Bishop Franklin is usually away from the office the entire month of August, so for weddings in September or early October, the application should be submitted by the end of June.

Generally, Bishop Franklin does not grant consent for fourth marriages.  If you believe that you have a special case, contact the Bishop directly.

Following the marriage, the Canonical Report Form for Remarriage must be sent to the Bishop’s office.

If you have particular questions, email Bishop Franklin (rwfranklin@episcopalwny.org).

Clergy who wish to witness and bless a marriage after divorce in a diocese other than the one in which they are canonically resident are required to obtain the permission of their own Bishop and the Bishop of the diocese in which the marriage will take place.