Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Finance & Budget

budgetingThe Diocesan Budget is funded from three major sources.  The first, and largest, is the Full Share assessments from the congregations.  The other sources are the proceeds of endowments & other funds of the Diocese and payments from people attending things like Conventions, Youth Events, Prepared to Serve classes and Clergy events.

The Diocesan Council begins putting the budget together in May for the following year.

*NEW* 2019 Budget FAQ
2019 Budget – Proposed
2019 Budget Narrative

2018 Budget – Final
2018 Budget Narrative


The Clergy Compensation Committee sets the Diocesan minimum salaries and supply rates for clergy.

2019 Clergy Compensation Guidelines & Supply Rates
2018 Clergy Compensation Guidelines & Supply Rates

2017 Report on Compensation of Clergy
Churches by Group 2017

2019 Cost of Position Worksheet
2018 Cost of Position Worksheet

The current IRS mileage reimbursement rate is 54.5 cents per mile. (as of 1/1/18)

Sample Employee Handbook for Parishes
Employee Handbook Adoption form

Property Insurance Requirements for Parishes

2018 Full Share Calculations
Full Share Explained


2017 Audit Package

Every congregation in the Diocese is required to submit an annual audit or statement of review of their books by October 1.

2017 Audit Package – Memo to Parishes
2017 Audit Package – Committee/Professional Audit Table
2017 Audit Package – Audit Panel Notice
2017 Audit Package – Volunteer Information Sheet
2017 Audit Package – Sample Audit Committee Certificate/Letter