Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Diocesan Leaders Gather, Pray, Learn, Talk & Eat

Saturday, February 24 was the third annual Warden and Vestry day.  Nearly 150 people representing 36 congregations gathered at the Diocesan Ministry Center.

The day opened with prayer.  Bishop Franklin then spoke to the gathered group.  During the morning prayers the reading was the story from First Samuel of the escape of the donkeys of Kish, King Saul’s father.  Check out I Samuel 9:1-14 for the whole story.  Bishop Franklin reflected on lessons that leaders in congregations can learn from donkeys and other lessons of leadership.

You can watch a portion of Bishop Franklin’s opening remarks here.


The day included workshops on Smart Building Management; the Diocesan Web Hosting Program; the Canons of the Episcopal Church on Clergy Discipline; Mutual Ministry Reviews; How the Church Works; Fundraising, Endowments and Legacy Societies; Licensed Lay Ministries; Facebook Advertising; and the Diocesan Full Share. You can find powerpoints and notes from some of the workshops here:

The Diocesan Council hosted the day and served at the registration desk, as guides to the building, made sure everyone had food and drink and generally made the day work.