Reynolds Funds

Lena Reynolds and her twin sister Leah Rose were born May 13, 1915 in Ellicottville, the daughters of the late Karl and Clara Dreier Reynolds.  Leah Rose died from tuberculosis in 1946.  Lena died at age 100 on May 18, 2015 in Bradford Pa.

Lena was a graduate of Ellicottville High School and Jamestown Business College. She was a member of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ellicottville and a member of the St. John’s Guild, formerly a vestry member, former organist and former secretary of St. John’s.

Lena’s will granted a portion of her residuary estate to the Episcopal Diocese with the provision that it become the corpus of “The Leah R. and Lena C. Reynolds Memorial Trust Fund” and be used to assist Episcopal congregations.  In addition, Lena’s will provided for the bequest of her house and real property to the diocese.  The Trustees of the diocese have designated the proceeds of sale of the property to be invested and the income to be used to supplement the income received from the residuary trust.  The two funds make up “The Reynolds Funds”.

One fund, The Leah R. and Lena C. Reynolds Memorial Trust Fund directs that its income be used “with special emphasis on financial aid for the Episcopal Churches in Cattaraugus County and excluding Episcopal Community Services.” The income of the other fund, The Lena C. Reynolds Bequest, was not designated for a specific purpose. The Diocese’s Trustees decided to use it in connection with the Memorial Fund “with special emphasis on those congregations which are in the southern area of the Diocese.”

The Trustees note that there is no restriction on either fund which prevents any congregation from within the entire diocese from making an application for funding.

The Trustees and the Bishop have appointed an Advisory Committee to administer this grant program and to make funding recommendations to the Trustees who will award the grants. The Advisory Committee has adopted the following funding priorities:

  • Church Development and Growth
  • Expansion of Mission and Outreach
  • Starting New Ministries
  • Collaborative Ministries

There are two funding cycles each year:

  • Applications are due December 15, with awards announced in March.
  • Applications are due April 15, with awards announced in July.

Download the grant application.
Download a copy of Lena Reynolds’ biography.

Questions can be addressed to The Rev. Canon Catherine Dempesy-Sims or Catherine Way

Congregations seeking funding from the Reynolds Funds are also encouraged to seek funding from the Partnership for Mission & Outreach.