Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

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Safe Church Training

cathy-teachingIt is the charge of every Christian to respect the dignity of every human being, to that end we offer Safe Church Training.

Safe Church Training protects not only volunteers and employees, but also those under their charge. By raising the awareness of leaders, everyone is safer.

Safe Church consists of two courses: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Adult Sexual Harassment & Exploitation Prevention. Volunteers such as Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, and youth camp staff are required to take “A Safe Place for Children.” All clergy and employees of the diocese and its congregations are required to take both courses.

The courses are offered at least twice yearly, usually in the late spring and in the early fall.  The next class is scheduled for:

  • Classes are now concluded for 2018.   Watch this space for 2019 dates as they are scheduled.

Safe church is now easy to do online. Register with the diocesan office, and then finish the short modules assigned to you on your own time, in your pajamas. Each module, shorter and more specific than our current face-to-face classes, is intensely interactive in nature, has study guides to print out that will enable you to really cement your learning, and has a quiz at the end to ensure that you’ve absorbed the main points. Once you’ve registered the first time, you don’t need to do so to refresh your learning in future years, or take new or different modules. The diocese can see which modules you’ve done and when, and so it is more convenient than ever. And it’s free!

Safe Church Policy


Seeing the Face of God in Each Other: Anti-Racism and Diversity Training

As this training is scheduled, it will be announced here.  At this time, the next training dates have not been set.