Standing Committee

Diocesan-Shield (1)The Standing Committee acts as a council of advice to the Bishop. It also acts as the ecclesiastical authority of the Church in the absence of the bishop.

The Standing committee is required to consent to:

  • The sale of any property owned by any congregation or the Diocese itself.
  • Any congregation incurring debt
  • The election & consecration of Bishops in other Dioceses
  • Candidacy for ordination and ordination to the diaconate or priesthood of people in the Diocese of Western New York.

To be placed on the agenda of the Standing Committee, please email Keri Mills ( or call 716-881-0660, extension 11.

The Standing Committee consists of eight members four clerics and four lay persons. Each annual Diocesan Convention elects one cleric and one lay person to serve four year terms.


Current Members

  • The Rev. Ellen Brauza
  • The Very Rev. Thomas Broad
  • Ms. Nancy Consedine
  • The Rev. Pete Dempesy-Sims
  • Ms. Beverly Fortune
  • Mr. Edward Hill
  • Mr. James Isaac, President
  • The Very Rev. Earle King
  • Clerk: Ms. Keri Mills



Application for Consent for a Mission to Sell Real Estate (2009)
Application for Consent for a Parish to Sell Real Estate (2013)