Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Diocesan Convention

The 180th Convention of the Diocese of Western New York took place October 27-28, 2017 at the Buffalo-Niagara Marriott in Amherst, NY.

2017 Convention Materials

Notice of Convention

2017 Diocesan Convention Details

2017 Lay Member Certificate

How to Submit a Resolution

Standing Rules of Order

After downloading any form, please issue the save command to a location on your computer before you begin to enter your data. After entering your data, issue the save command again and then email or print & mail to the diocesan office.

2016 Convention Journal

2015 Convention Journal
2015 Convention Journal Appendices Part 1
2015 Convention Journal Appendices Part 2


Election Results

In 2017 the following persons were elected:

Diocesan Council
Clerical: Bonnie Morris (3 years); Lillian Davis-Wilson (1 year)
Lay: Cheri Maytum-Krull (3 years); Sue Stanislawski (3 years); Reid Heffner (2 years)

Standing Committee
Clerical: Luke Fodor
Lay: Eric Boron

Diocesan Trustees
Clerical: Samuel Colley-Toothaker
Lay: Karen Gengo; Art Henning

Disciplinary Board
Clerical: Thomas Mitchell
Lay: Rose Sconiers


2017 Convention Location

The 2017 Convention will take place at the Buffalo-Niagara Marriott (1340 Millersport Highway, Amherst, NY).

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