Diocesan Convention

The 180th Convention of the Diocese of Western New York will take place October 27-28, 2017 at the Buffalo-Niagara Marriott in Amherst, NY.

2017 Delegation to NWPA – Volunteer here to take part in the delegation to visit the 2017 Diocesan Convention of Northwestern Pennsylvania in November 2017.

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2016 Convention Journal

2015 Convention Journal
2015 Convention Journal Appendices Part 1
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In 2017 we are electing the following:

Diocesan Council – 2 lay people and 1 clergy person for three year terms and 1 lay person for a two year term.

The Diocesan Council oversees the Diocesan budget and programing between Diocesan Convention and helps with events like the annual vestry and warden day.

Standing Committee – 1 lay person and 1 clergy person for four year terms.

The Standing Committee is the Bishop’s council of advice and grants consents for ordinations, consecrations of bishops and for congregations to take out loans on their property.

Diocesan Trustees – 2 lay people for three year terms.

The Diocesan Trustees oversee the funds held in trust for the Diocese.

To nominate yourself or someone else, please use the following form:
2017 Nominations Form


 2017 Convention Location

The 2017 Convention will take place at the Buffalo-Niagara Marriott (1340 Millersport Highway, Amherst, NY).

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