Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Lillian Davis-Wilson elected to the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church

The Rev. Deacon Lillian Davis-Wilson was elected as the clerical representative from Province II to the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church at the recent meeting of the Synod of Province II.

Province II consists of the Dioceses of New York, Long Island, Albany, Central New York, Rochester, Western New York, New Jersey, Newark, Haiti, The Virgin Islands and the Convocation of the Episcopal Churches in Europe.  There are nine Provinces in The Episcopal Church.

Each Province sends one clerical and one lay representative to Executive Council.  Additional Bishop, Clergy and Lay members of Executive Council are elected by the General Convention.  The Hon. Rose Sconiers is running for Executive Council at the General Convention this summer in Austin, Texas.

The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church is the governing body of the Episcopal Church between the triennial General Conventions.

The Synod of Province II met in Albany on April 12 & 13.  Mayor Byron Brown happened to be in Albany during the meeting of the Synod and brought greetings to the gathered representatives.