Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Home for Christmas

Two Western New York congregations will be coming home for Christmas.  Both St. Paul’s in Mayville and St. Matthew’s in South Buffalo have not been able to worship in their sanctuaries for several months.

Both congregations have had issues with their church buildings that led to their sanctuaries being unsafe for people to be in.

St. Paul’s, Mayville has been sharing the worship space of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Mayville.  The two congregations have enjoyed sharing space and occasionally having joint worship services.  They are talking about ways to continue working together.  St. Paul’s has completed temporary repairs to their building that will allow them to move back into their building in time for Christmas services.  More work remains to be done and the congregation is exploring how to raise the money for permanent repairs.

St. Matthew’s, South Buffalo has been worshiping in their parish hall for the last several months.  They have also made needed repairs to their building and will be able to worship in their sanctuary for Christmas.

The photo shows members of St. Matthew’s cleaning their sanctuary in preparation for moving back in.