Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Message from Bishop Franklin about Puerto Rico

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I know that we have all been watching the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico over the last few days.  In the face of such destruction and need, the temptation can be to jump in and do anything, or to be overwhelmed and do nothing.  I believe the best response for us is to pray, give, and stay informed.

Please pray for the people of Puerto Rico, their leaders, their first responders, and those who will be rebuilding lives, homes, and communities over the next weeks, months, and years.

Give cash if you possibly can.  That will be the most useful and the most needed thing.  The PBS News Hour has a good page that lists groups doing direct work: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/can-help-hurricane-victims-puerto-rico/

Stay informed.  Recovery from this kind of storm takes a long time and the needs change quickly.  The more you know the more that you can do to be of real help.

I ask your congregations to join in prayer for the people of Puerto Rico and all those impacted by the recent natural disasters. I ask you and your congregations to give as much as you can to the relief efforts and I ask you to stay informed so that your prayers and giving, and the prayers and giving of the people of your congregations, can connect with the greatest need as that changes over time.

+R. William Franklin
Bishop of Western New York
September 27, 2017