Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Bishop Franklin Is Back (and the ducks were ready)

Bishop Franklin returned from sabbatical on August 17.  We was welcomed back to the Diocesan office with many ducks, including the Eaton Camp ducks, a large duck and duck socks, tie and cuff-links.

The Bishop’s duck collection now stands at 1065 ducks.  His goal had been 1057 ducks because he is the 1057th Bishop in the Episcopal Church.  Bishop Franklin says that he will set a new duck goal in the next few weeks.

While on sabbatical the Bishop spent a lot of time listening and visiting other dioceses and congregations who are doing new and interesting things.  He also spent time with seminary deans, parish clergy and lay leaders.

Bishop Franklin spent time in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., as well as Spain and Italy.

The Bishop is now resuming his schedule of parish visits, meetings, planning and administration, as well as reading email.

Bishop Franklin said, “I am so grateful to the Diocese for making this sabbatical possible for me.  People were very good about honoring my time away.  I am excited to be back in Western New York and looking forward to all of the fall events and parish visits.”