Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Western New York Featured in New Book

Is a quality public education a privilege provided by a responsible government, or an inalienable right granted by God?

For some, in recent years, the value of the public education system has come into question. At the same time, the call for better public education for the benefit of every child has grown equally loud.

All Our Children, a collection of essays and theological reflections published by Church Publishing Incorporated and edited by All Our Children National Network Director, Lallie B. Lloyd, is a loud voice for the justice of all children, regardless of background or faith. Elevating the cause to the level of a moral, religious-based imperative every bit in tune with the teachings of Jesus, this book is a strong advocate for faith-based social groups of all varieties to make improving the quality of public education a part of their mission.

As much as a call to arms, this book is a how-to manual for ways congregations can partner with public schools and other community organizations as a means to bring God’s mission outside the church’s building through social justice initiatives.

Rallied to her cause is a diverse group of Episcopal voices including Bishop William Franklin, of the Episcopal Diocese of Western New York. By sharing the story of the growth and development of the Eaton Summer Reading Program in his diocese, Bishop Franklin’s essay illustrates how the church can play a fundamental role in championing the rights of every child to a high-quality public education. As the expression goes, a rise in education lifts all hopes.

All Our Children is also offering a free study guide as a companion to the book, which was written and developed by The Rev. Vicki Zust, Bishop Franklin’s Assistant for Ministry Development and Rector of St. Paul’s Church in Williamsville, NY. The study guide is a practical, printable resource to help small groups and congregations create deeper conversations about education equity and how they may take action to engage in the movement to improve the quality of public education. It is available for free at allourchildren.org/book.