Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck…

It’s a duck!  As many of you know, Bishop Franklin collects ducks.  He currently has over 600 ducks in his collection and wants to have 1057 ducks by the end of his episcopate.

A flock of alphabet ducks have landed in Western New York.  Each duck has a different letter of the alphabet on them.

We are offering everyone the opportunity to purchase one of these ducks, have it presented to Bishop Franklin and raise some money for the Eaton Summer Reading Program.

To claim a duck, send Vicki Zust an email (vzust@episcopalwny.org) with the letter duck you wish to purchase (A, L, Q, etc…) and what you want the card on the duck to say.

Then send a check for $20 to the Diocese of Western New York (1064 Brighton Rd., Tonawanda 14150) marked “Eaton Camp” or go to the Eaton Camp website (eatoncamp.org) and make a $20 contribution.

Act fast, there is only one of each letter of the alphabet.

When the Bishop returns to the office on August 17th we want a trail of ducks awaiting him to lead him to his office. Add your duck to this parade today!