Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Bishop Franklin on Sabbatical

The Rt. Rev. R. William FranklinBishop Franklin will be on sabbatical from April 17 – August 17.

Bishop Franklin has said that the focus of his sabbatical will be exploring how a variety of Dioceses and other Christian communities are responding to the challenges of the modern world and that he will be reflecting on the first part of his episcopacy and thinking and praying about the next part.

The Bishop has said that the life of the Diocese goes on while he is away and that congregations and clergy should not wait for his return to try new things or address on-going issues.

The following is a short list of contacts while the Bishop is away.  Contact Canon Cathy Dempesy-Sims (cdsims@episcopalwny.org) with other questions or concerns.

Liturgical Permissions and Godly Judgment requests:
Canon Dempesy-Sims (cdsims@episcopalwny.org)

Congregational Development and other congregational issues:
Canon Dempesy-Sims (cdsims@episcopalwny.org)

Clergy Transition:
Vicki Zust (vzust@episcopalwny.org)

Clergy misconduct complaints:
Vicki Zust (vzust@episcopalwny.org)

Diocesan Council matters:
Elisabeth Brauza-Hughes (embrauza@episcopalwny.org)

Standing Committee matters:
Jim Isaac (jisaac4@rochester.rr.com)

Diocesan Trustee Matters:
Robert Matson (robertamatson@gmail.com)

Commission on Ministry Matters:
Catherine Way (stitcherway@gmail.com)