Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

St. Peter’s Welcomes Niagara Mass Mob

Niagara Mass Mob invited everyone to join in its first ever Mass Mob at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on Sunday, January 8th at 10 am. It was a bracing service.

It was 15 degrees with the wind chill -18 coming off the falls. It was the inaugural event for Niagara Falls “Mass Mob.” 75 people showed up for the Eucharist at St. Peter’s, most of them visitors. Our elderly boiler chose this day to go on strike, spewing water from both ends.

Like the Anglicans we are, we pressed on. It was a great day! Everyone kept their coats on. Fr. Doc preached quickly, and well. The kids were chilled. We met many new people and saw others we had not seen in years. After a bracing service, many folks continued the celebration at Third Street Retreat, a local pub just across the parking lot.

Like its Buffalo parent, Niagara Mass Mob aims to bring awareness and financial support to our community’s historic churches. Rather than a “tourist attraction,” Mass Mob wants people to see the church being used in its intended purpose—as a living, breathing community.

“A quirky community of faith, celebrating in the midst of everyday adversity,” observed Fr. Doc. “It might have been a little more reality than people had counted on, but this is who we are.”

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