Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Lent Program Announced

In the last several years, the Diocese of Western New York has done a “One Diocese, One Season, One Book” program.  The whole diocese was invited to read the same book, meet in their congregations to discuss the book and come together to meet the author.

This year we are doing something just a little different.  Instead of all reading the same book, Bishop Franklin is inviting the Diocese into conversation.

The program is called A Space for Grace.  It consists of a program for each of the first five weeks of Lent.  The program connects one of the Scripture readings assigned for Sunday and a reflection piece that connects the theme of the Scripture to themes important in the world right now.

Each week as several conversation starters and a question.

The sessions are designed to be used in a variety of ways from Sunday morning adult education, to weekday small groups, to gatherings around dinner tables.  The sessions can be led by lay people, deacons or priests.

Everyone is invited to visit the Space for Grace blog at spaceforgraceweb.wordpress.com and join in the conversation about each week’s question.

On Thursday April 6 at 6:30 pm the Diocese is invited to gather at the Diocesan Ministry Center for evening prayer, reflections by Bishop Franklin and further conversation.

Bishop Franklin is hoping to be invited to participate in the program at a variety of congregations.  Please contact his assistant, Keri Mills at kmills@episcopalwny.org with the dates, times and places of your congregation’s gatherings.  The Bishop will get to as many congregations as he can.  The Bishop’s Sunday mornings are already spoken for, so invite him to gatherings at other times.

Download the program brochure!