Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Summer 2017 Morning Prayer

Due to the small number of available supply clergy this summer, Bishop Franklin has given blanket permission for Morning Prayer to be used the principal Sunday liturgy when no clergy are available.

Licensed Worship Leaders continue to be authorized to work with the clergy in charge of congregations to plan Morning Prayer services for their congregations.

The Diocese is also providing a template of a Morning Prayer service for each week this summer.  The templates are in Word format and are set to print on two pages of 8 ½ x 11 paper.

The templates use Track 1 of the Revised Common Lectionary.  If your congregation is using Track 2, you can get the readings for that Track at lectionarypage.net.

The templates use a variety of the Canticles and Invitatories in the Book of Common Prayer.  If you wish to use other Canticles, Invitatories or additional collects from the Book of Common Prayer, you can find them in electronic form at bcponline.org.  You may also use any of the Canticles, Invitatories or collects from Enriching Our Worship.

The templates use the traditional version of the Lord’s Prayer, you may, of course, replace that with the contemporary version.

The templates include a series of reflection questions for each Sunday.  These may be read by the worship leader, discussed by the congregation, read by the congregation in silence or omitted altogether.

Worship Leaders who do not also hold a Preaching license are not permitted to preach either their own sermon or one sourced from the internet.  Worship Leaders may read a sermon written by the clergy in charge of the congregation.



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