Episcopal Diocese of Western New York

Two Deacons Ordained to Serve the Genesee Region

Bishop Franklin ordained Diana Leiker and Susan Firestine to the Sacred Order of Deacons on Saturday December 10 at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The role of the deacon is to bring the needs of the world to the church and bring the church to the world.

In his sermon, Bishop Franklin noted that this is a particularly important time for the ministry of deacons and that on the 40th anniversary year of the ordination of women it was appropriate that the two deacons being ordained were women.

Susan will serve as the deacon for the Genesee region and will spend the first six months of her ministry visiting the congregations in that region. Diana will serve at St. James’, Batavia, also in the Genesee region.

One of the liturgical roles of a deacon is to give the dismissal at the Eucharist. This is because it is the deacon’s role to lead the church out into the world.

Bishop Franklin’s sermon can be found here – https://jerusalem-crossing.com/